Sunday, December 23, 2007

~Review ~

Sokari Ekine,
Activist, Blogger and Online Editor of Pambazuka News English,
Port Harcourt, London,Granada, Nigeria

Brave Faces is a book of compassion and courage. The compassion of Nasra Al Adawi and the courage of the women cancer survivors. I had my own encounter with cancer 7 years ago so I know the journey through cancer takes courage; it also takes courage to speak of that journey. The testimonies in Brave Faces are told through personal stories and poetry that speak to this courage, the loneliness, the anger and the pain of loosing that most precious part of our femininity - our breasts.

Nasra asks “... is it sensible to fight cancer with poetry”?My answer is though I wish I had had this book with me on my own journey, I thank her for bringing it to me now because the memories remain and the healing is not yet complete.

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