Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Nasra Al Adawi is a poetess whose work is rooted in humanitarian and charitable concerns, where she lends a heart to the children of Oman, through her poetry. Born in Zanzibar and raised in the United Arab Emirates, this budding poet, begin her career writing verse in Arabic, and later in English. In the mid and late ’90s, Nasra enjoyed entering poetry competitions that were organized in the United States. In 2001, one of her pieces was selected and featured on a promotional T-shirt of the leading paints brand, Jotun Paints. Thereafter, young Nasra began working on her first collection of poems, entitled “Collective Thoughts”. It was published in 2002, and the proceeds from the sales were dedicated to children touched by cancer at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. Two years later, Nasra collaborated with the Oman National Association for Cancer Awareness, and published another book of poetry entitled; “Within Myself: The Willpower to Live beyond Cancer”. Once again, the proceeds from the sale also went to benefit children suffering with cancer in Oman.

In 2005 Nasra collaborated with a young Omani Photographer, Yarub Al Bakry, where they combined two artistic media; poetry mingled with photography, and they held a charity exhibition. Funds raised from this collaboration benefited the Oman Charitable Organization.Nasra continues to explore new themes in poetry and strongly believes that it is not limited to just words written in a book. “Poetry is an art, which can be merged with other artistic media,” says Nasra. “It only needs a touch of originality and creativity.”

Nasra desire to help her people, especially the children, has gained her respect, not only from the people in Oman, but from all over the world. Her writing is not limited to poetry. She has written a number of articles that have been published in Al Mar’a, a leading woman’s magazine in Oman.

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Ingrid Post said...

Dear Nasra al Adawi,

The International Union Against Cancer (UICC) publishes a biannual breast cancer support newsletter "Bloom", which among other things highlights books of interest to breast cancer patients. If you agree, we would like to include a short blurb on your book "Brave Faces" along with an image of the cover. I'm sorry to make this request by means of a blog post but I couldn't find your email address on the internet! Please let me know if you would agree to this by email at bloom@uicc.org

Many thanks in advance for your response,

Editor, Bloom newsletter
PS: you can find the latest issue of Bloom on http://www.uicc.org