Sunday, December 30, 2007

~Compassion Walk~

Strength, fortitude and compassion walk hand-in-hand throughout the pages of Nasra Al Adawi's book Brave Faces. This is a book of poetry all must read for it takes us through the pain and suffering, the anger, fear and loneliness the horrid disease of cancer spawns.
Most of all it gives hope - hope that we are in control of our destiny - that we do not have to give in and be a silent victim to one of the world's most deadly diseases. In this moving collection of highly poignant poetry and personal stories we hear the voices of those who have endured the horrors of cancer, most of whom have come through the other side. Nasra shows us that cancer does not have to be a word secretly whispered in the darkness of night but that it can be talked about in terms of courage, hope and yes, survival.
This is an emotionally charged book that will inspire any who wander within its pages.
Janice Thomson,
Poet and artist


eric1313 said...

Agreed! Most whole heartedly.

Many people see your strength, and many more will do so. Your words belong in libraries as well as hearts around the world for all to share.

tqmcintl said...

I was moved when i read your book
it did not bring tears

it inspired me
the indomitable human spirit

not to loose HOPE when all hope is gone

your poems are inspiring too