Sunday, December 30, 2007

~One who eases the burden of another does not live in vain.~


One who eases the burden of another does not live in vain.

Your work raises awareness for this illness and helps bring about the day when a cure will be possible. And your care that you show in wanting to help special needs children is beyond commendable--it is also a living example of the kind of work that helps all humanity.

You never know which of those children may one day have the next great idea, or who may in turn help another to learn what you taught them. The world will echo with you thoughts, even if it's one small echo at a time.

And I thank you again for the kindness you showed me when my aunt was ill. She was strong, but the cancer was too advanced and had spread to much. We all had hope and I personally never gave up, but it was too much for her to fight.Like you, she did not live in vain.

She loved everyone without hesitation, and helped all her friends and my family when ever she could.

Thank you, Nasra. I'll always be a fan of your work and your kind, blessed efforts.

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eric1313 said...

Thank you for the tribute! So unexpected and so kind...

It's all true, though. Your kindness is exemplary, Nasra. Your heart is strong and you fight to ease the burdens that this illness places on others.

The world is still a wonderful place and will continue to be so as long as people like you are there to lend strength to those who need it.

Thank you.